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Priding ourselves on our “Made in the U.S.A.” Hand Crafted ethic, Echopark® Guitars offers our new Trademark in-line headstock.  We’ve taken key construction aspects of the modern “bolt on” guitar neck and headstock, long with a refined European aesthetic of the early to mid 1960’s, to create a truly Modern Vintage Classic.

With a 1/8″off-set and newly designed “double collared” truss system on all “bolt-on” models and a 13 degree “pre-war taper” headstock on all set-neck models and, employing the custom"double collared" single acting trust rod system designed exclusively for Echopark®Guitars by master engineer Bruce Johnson, Gabriel Currie has again found a way to take the modern electric guitar a step ahead while still keeping with tradition. The result is an elegant and sleek addition to the broad canon of modern guitar design.

Echopark® Guitars only utilizes the finest ..
Mastery Offset /Vibrato
The Mastery Bridge features a unique, patent issued two saddle design not found on any previous guitar bridge. On the 52mm string spacing from E to E, four intonation-adjustment screws are used instead of six, allowing the string to freely go from the saddle to the vibrato without any chance of interference from the front of an intonation screw or back of a baseplate. Each saddle features two drop-in swivels, permitting each of the individual intonation adjustment screws to work independently for precise intonation.




Echopark® Guitars comes proudly strung with Dunlop strings ...
Dunlop electric guitar strings are made with great pride in Benicia, California and offer a unique recipe of smooth highs, focused mids and defined lows.

Utilizing only the finest materials in combination with our propriety core to wrap ratio, Dunlop strings offer players a quick break-in period, long life and a balanced string-to-string response that allow you to move across the fingerboard with incredible precision and tone.




“I started Arcane, Inc. with the goal of producing the highest quality, most uncompromised, hand-made pickups in the industry. Since then I have worked with many respected names in the industry. -- This work is not just a business it’s a passion. I have a deep understanding of what makes a tonally superior pickup. The products that come out of my shop reflect unparalleled craftsmanship and are the culmination of all the knowledge I have gained from my years of working in the guitar industry.”

- Rob Timmons (Owner & Founder - Arcane-Inc.)

To purchase these pickups go to our Direct Purchase page.





There are many different fret wire profiles available, from small to large, low to high, narrow to wide, oval to round to triangular, all affecting the playing characteristics and feel of the instrument.  Jescar is master of all of them.

We also use genuine Dunlop Accu-Fret® fretwire. This fretwire is manufactured from a nickel/silver alloy (sometimes called German Silver), with an 18% nickel content and "hard" condition for durability.  Dunlop is the largest manufacturer of fretwire, and their sizes have become the de facto standard used in the industry.




There are many options in the saddle world. I have found these to be an added bonus to the Clarence family and they do the intended job! These are made here with the highest grade material available.



The bridge, the steel anchor bushings,ferrous steel and stainless steel are key components in note definition, intonation and tonal transfer from the body and neck timbers. I proudly use Pigtail USA aluminum wraparounds and ABRS, My own steel T plate, Gotoh and Callaham USA tremolo's.



We use a custom taper CTS Potentiometer.  Both the shaft and the threaded collar are made of brass for smooth rotation. They’re, quite simply, the best CTS pots available.



When I want to keep one of my guitars in tune, Kluson, Grover USA and Gotoh tuners are always at the top of my list. I can only hope to build a legacy for Echopark® Guitars that is as rich as the histories of these fine companies. 






I've used all the standards on all my models, But I find it hard to top the old Daka-Ware from the 1950's. Davies Molding in Chicago USA still makes these rugged knobs. I do not find any reason to look further.




Echopark® Guitars are most comfortable, and exclusively, at home when encased within the elegant craftsmanship of a G&G Quality Case. As they say it best, “All of our raw materials have withstood the true indicator of quality the test of "time", that is what vintage truly means to us. Our cases and customer service are something that have evolved and been refined over five decades, not just copied and replicated overseas. We are proud to say that we make an American made product and will continue that tradition.”



“Bone remains the “king of nuts,” and is the historically correct material for vintage guitars. Nothing is as honest, Toneful as a polished bone nut on a one-piece neck! The tone is very balanced and the open strings are never too loud or shrill, and it will last a long time. It is important to use unbleached bone, because it naturally self-lubricates, which helps you stay in tune when using a tremolo. Plus, cosmetically, unbleached bone can be polished to a higher shine than bleached bone. I prefer unbleached Bison bone. It is comparable to ivory in tone and appearance, and has a very even density.

On select and custom builds with tremolo units, I do offer roller nuts and occasionally graphite.



I only use vintage style Gavitt cloth wire. Long life, high fatigue strength, extreme durability, and outstanding flexibility. ‘Nuff said!


 These are extremely high quality PIO capsules, originating from the Russian military. The conductor is made of aluminum foil and the dielectric is oil saturated paper, glass sealed in a metal body. These capacitors provide excellent sonic characteristics, high tolerance is kept within a wide temperature range.

I do offer NOS Caps and old pulls from Asteron, Spauge, Cornell-Doubler, Arovox and Goodall

Feel free to inquire when contacting me.




The materials used in the construction of an Echopark instrument are of the finest quality. All of the timbers are both kiln and air-dried. Upon receiving your order, I take the greatest care in hand selecting the raw and manufactured materials for each instrument, insuring that your guitar will last thrrough the next century or longer and create as much music as possible.

The following woods are the most frequently requested


Old stock big leaf "flamed" red maple

With its golden /reddish color and large dramatic figure, this maple is unmistakable. Red maple necked guitars tend to be woody and warm, with a bit less brightness than neck a made with rosewood.


Honey to a very dark brick red, koa can be highly figured or flamed much like maple. It varies in density a great deal, with darker wood usually being harder lending an articulate resonance to the entire spectrum.

Suited well for both neck and top materials.

Old stock CBS era Indian Rosewood.

This is all from a container of overstock CBS era Fender materials. It is very dry and cured! Ranging from medium brown to a dark purple in color, this wood is very consistent in its density, and gives brightness and clarity to a guitar.

Old stock/Reclaimed circa 1970

Spruciana Rosewood (Brazil) from old stock circa 1970

This is for instruments where Brazilian rosewood fret boards are desired strong highs and lows lighter in color than its cousin dalbergia nigra.


Old stock/ seclaimed Brazilian Rosewood pre 1950. It is all obtained in the USA

This is old stock from a variety of sources. It is exceptionally rare, traditionally the choice for the finest guitars. It offers clarity, warmth, and balance to the voice, and unmatched beauty of grain and color in appearance.

Macassar Ebony

This retaining the rich highs and lows while not being stiff or brittle like the typical Gabon variety stripped in color, rich in tone perfect match for korina.


Old stock and reclaimed Honduras and genuine mahogany

And, I use from my stash of old woods some from old building material stock and architectural elements, reclaimed old furnishings and old lumber. These are often the only choices for getting the closest sounding to vintage instruments.

Equatorial Mahogany

A light, punchy and midrange focused. It is a favorite of mine for set neck builds where weight resonance and p90's are involved.

Old Stock Quartersawn ribbon Mahogany

It is stout, articulate and extremely resonant. It is a bit on the heavy side compared to the Equatorial variety.

Northern Ash (swamp ash)

From the 1950's, its been the standard for bolt-on style instruments.

I only use 1 pc. slab cuts for all my Clarence models.


Korina (white acacia)

This was traditionally used in the 18th century for fine furniture. This African hardwood is coveted for the strong lows, rounded highs and brilliant resonant tone.