Custom Ordering Directly from the Echopark Shop

Finding your “Holy Grail” custom instrument typically involves years of playing a wide variety of instruments as you zero in on what you want and need out of a custom hand crafted piece.
I hear from players who have found elements of their “Grail Guitar” scattered among various instruments: The neck shape, fret size and neck pitch of that one, the top end of this one, the bass response of that, the volume and balance of another, the mid range and resonance, etc...
When I build a custom guitar whether its for a world class performing artist, collector or tone connoisseur, my job in the initial conversation with the player is to determine as precisely as possible the complete vision of that “Grail Guitar”. And then handcraft it.
All Echopark custom instruments design parameters, including the many tone defining 'Old Stock' woods selections, neck dimensions/shapes, and the many relevant pickup, hardware and color finishing options are available on our list of Custom Options in our Downloadable PDF catalog.


These options and specs should all be considered and chosen either by email, phone or in person consultation with the private client/player and artist.
It's ALL about function!
Every element of an Echopark custom hand crafted instrument is decided upon based on your functional requirements. I have done this for over 20 years as an artisan in the guitar industry and the feedback I've heard consistently from pros to the connoisseur is that I far exceeded their hopes and expectations.
The finest examples of our extensive inventory of rare and exotic woods are available only for custom guitars ordered directly from the Echopark shop.
Available stock
Check the 'Available Instruments' tab under Ordering for One-off customs and Case Study instruments
Standard grade instruments can be upgraded either directly or through a dealer if it is currently on order within 90 days of completion.
See dealer list.
Ordering your guitar:
When you're ready to have a detailed conversation about your personal instrument and all the possibilities and perspectives on tones and options, then
Please Feel free to call me Directly Monday threw Wednesday 9am -7pm PSD
Saturday 10am-4pm PSD
Gabriel 626-536-3317
Once we've agreed on the details of your guitar we'll send you a price quote and a time frame for your instrument build. You send us a 50% deposit and we'll give you the date we'll start your guitar (±2 weeks). Deposits on all commissioned guitars are not refundable.
Waiting times can vary widely but we do not take deposits on guitars we can't start building within one year.